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Hinds County, MS Public Records

Hinds County, Mississippi, has a rich history and was a key part of the Civil Rights Movement. Hinds County public records are accessible to requesters per the Mississippi Public Records Act. Record seekers can access vital records from the Mississippi State Department: Vital Records and Statistics. The office provides birth, marriage, and death records online, in person, through mail, or by phone. Birth and death records from the office are only available from 1912, while marriage records are available from 1926. In addition, only eligible requesters may access the documents. Eligible requesters are the registrant, direct relatives, spouse, legal guardians, persons with a certified court order, and legal representatives. Record seekers must pay the necessary fees for each copy. Divorce records in Hinds County are available from the Chancery Court Clerk's Office. The office only grants divorce records to eligible requesters, i.e., parties to the divorce, direct relatives and in-laws, legal representatives, creditors, insurance companies, and employers. The office accepts in-person requests provided the requester provides details of the event, such as the date or names of parties involved. In addition, inquirers must present a valid ID and proof of relationship. Hinds County property records are available from the Tax Assessor's Office. The county Assessor provides an online search platform that record seekers can use to find ownership by map number.

Courts in Hinds County

Court Records in Hinds County, Mississippi

Hinds County court records are available to requesters provided they do not fall under restrictions such as juvenile records. Record seekers may obtain court records for the six courts that serve the county for criminal, juvenile, civil, and family cases. The Hinds County Circuit Clerk's Office is the county's official custodian of court records. Record seekers may obtain copies of unrestricted court cases in person or via mail from the office. Alternatively, individuals may call the office to obtain the court records. Hinds County civil court records are also available through the Mississippi Electronic Court System or at the courthouse where the case was heard. Some courthouses within the county have a public service counter where record seekers can access records held within the court.

Court Name:
316 S. President St.
327 East Pascagoula Street
5901 Terry Rd, PO Box 720222

Jails and Prisons in Hinds County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Hinds County, Mississippi

Hinds County inmate records are primarily for those incarcerated at the Hinds County Jail. Record seekers may find information on inmates through the public inmate inquiry portal the County Sheriff's Office provides. The inmate query allows record seekers to search by name, city, or PIN. Each inmate profile includes name, physical identifiers, personal details, charges, location, arrest date, and the arresting agency. The profile also provides a mugshot. Hinds County has 11 jails and prisons, with one jail and prison per 79 square miles.

Jails and Prisons Name:
1447 County Farm Road
429 South Gallatin Street

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Hinds County

Arrest Records in Hinds County, Mississippi

Hinds County arrest records are available from the Mississippi Department of Public Safety. The office provides crash reports and judgments at the state level at a fee. Alternatively, record seekers may contact the County Sheriff's Office to inquire about obtaining accident and incident reports that occurred within the county. Similarly, record seekers may contact the police department with jurisdiction over where the incident occurred to inquire about obtaining criminal, accident, and incident reports. Hinds County has 29 police departments, with one police department per 29 square miles. The county has a crime rate of 46.56 per 1,000 residents.

Police Departments Name:

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